Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Nov 25 Ride

Fairly self explanatory. I've chosen at least what I consider to be interesting snippets. Keep the volume low, the wind can really whip up in the farm fields and I basically live surrounded by now harvested fields with minimal trees to break it.

Notable moments:

1:45  My cross over point from my neighbor's yard
2:25  Gwyn fusses over water and mud
3:00  We get onto the private road
3:20  Gwyn spooks at a no trespassing sign
4:10  We practice our lesson stuff then cross back to the neighbor's property
4:45 The view from 'up on the hill' down to our property and over the marsh and neighbor's pond
5:05 Coming back to the barn and our yard and a tour around the house plus bonus Saffron

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