Friday, April 15, 2016

0.11 miles for Kaylee and 0.15 miles for me!

Kaylee was in her princess gown and helped me groom.  It was a gorgeous day in the high 60s, felt like 70s F. With all the sun my pasture is finally drying up and the mud is going away!

Saffron was hanging out with us the whole time too

Kaylee chose to ride first. Gwyn was perfect. I haven't done anything with her (bad bad me!) since the beginning of February and she was calm as could be despite the garbage truck coming to empty the dumpster and some deer running in the woods!  She's become so levelheaded! That or she was super sleepy in the sun, LOL

We are always safe!

Hugs for a good girl

I rode around by myself a bit then hopped off when the garbage truck came by. No sense being too dangerous given my due date is in 2 days. When I went to get back on, Kaylee INSISTED that she lead Gwyn around while I rode.  It was adorable.

It was also really good practice to follow a random path by a nearly 4 year old around the arena at a very slow pace. And by golly, when Kaylee started running, Gwyn picked up the pace to keep up with her! Good girl!

Having a snuggle with Saffron while my mom looks on.

When I first got on Gwyn, she twisted around to look at me, like "Mom? Really? We get to do this? FINALLY!!!"   I think she missed it.

Soon enough, Goober, we'll be back riding more.

39 weeks 5 days pregnant with my princesses! Kaylee found some feathers from an unfortunate victim. But it's a pretty cool collection of feathers from a bird of prey!

So funny story. I told my Mom yesterday that I was going to ride today. She immediately was worried.  "What if Gwyn bucks you off!?"
"Omg, MOM. She will not do that."
Skip to today and we're standing around while my Mom took these pictures and suddenly she goes, "Oh my goodness, Amy, she's falling asleep!"
"And you were worried she was going to buck me off."
Pfft. I know my horse. And I'm REALLY going to enjoy exasperating my doctors when they ask if I've ridden and I'm honest. HAHAHAHAH!

February 3 2016 4.24 miles

It was too nice of a day. I couldn't resist!  Especially for February. So Gwyn and I went to the Polly Ann Trail while the kiddo was in school.

Happy Pony

Happy Me!

We made it all the way to town!