Friday, September 11, 2020

Vet Visit

With the persistent hind end lameness I saw in Gwyn, I had hopped on a vet appointment that was already occurring (shared barn call fee, huzzah).  The vet who came out was someone I've used before, the first time we lived in Washington. He remembered Gwyn (and in fact so did his assistant/wife who had specifically gone out to find a friesian appy cross because she loved Gwyn SO MUCH) 

She's always had this warty thing and the other day it was pussy, which is a new change so I've been squeezing it  #drpimplepopperaddict

We did a quick trot on a straight line, then lunge circle. He flexed her and she jumped in lameness grade. Given her lack of reactivity to hoof testers and no heat in her leg or hoof he was pretty sure it was a sprain of her ankle.

And a cyst popped out!
Treatment? Light riding okay, walk only. Bute her. And a warning to be careful for our camping trip that was to happen Labor Day weekend.
Waiting for a barnmate to finish getting stitches removed

Diligently being careful.
I rode briefly and chose to go bareback so we would be more likely to stick to a walk. 
She was a good girl. And otherwise just got more time to rest and heal. And was an absolute rockstar for our camping trip!