Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Day 14 - Dream Farm/Barn

Day 14- Your dream barn/farm

From Clover Ledge Farm

I really like my little farm that I have right now. There are a few things that would make it a dream property that really make this whole thing wholly unattainable, but here we go!

  • Access to trails right off property. If we could back up to state land or a park, that would be spectacular. Even being closer to a rails to trails that's equestrian friendly would be swell.  I would consider this property close to access were it not for the incredibly busy road I live on. It's only about a mile and a half to an access point, but too much of it is on a road with a 55mph/90kmh speed limit.
  • A round pen for those extra sassy days
  • A covered arena.
    • It doesn't even have to be fully indoor! Just being covered would extend my riding significantly!
  • A larger arena OR a flat grassy space for some jumping
    • My current arena is good for flatwork and dressage. I can't really get super large figures, but it's big enough to canter around in and get a couple good 20m circles in. 
  • Shorter commute to work
    • It took me 70 minutes to get home today with traffic. Without traffic the drive is 50 min.

That's it! Haha, 'that's it'. 

But seriously, I've got a small barn, 3 stalls, hay storage and water and electric in the barn. It's perfect for the number of animals I want.

Non horse related Wants:
  • Greenhouse
  • Chicken Coop
  • Covered Trailer Storage area
  • Two pasture shelters for the summer pastures

Some of those are things we can add to the current property and may do so

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