Sunday, November 12, 2017

Day 11 - Go Horse Shopping!

Day 11- Find a horse for sale online that you would want to buy

From Clover Ledge Farm


This will be in two categories; for the girls, and for me

For the Girls:

I want a been there, done that pony for the kids. One who is super safe, who will tolerate anything and will babysit them if they choose to learn to ride. While Gwyn is protective of the kids, she doesn't take care to watch them first and foremost and can still be spooky, or will move into them in the aisle. As a bonus, this pony in the ad is practically down the road.

For the record, my husband walked in on me while I was writing this entry and had the ad up on the screen and immediately went "WHAT IS THIS?>!?!?!?"

If you can't tell, we're not getting a second horse or pony any time soon. LOL.

For me, if I ever get another horse, it'll be back to standardbreds for me. I loved Clyde so much and everything I've read of other people's experience with the breed just confirms it for me.

I kinda really like this guy and he seems like a sweety. I like his eye. I'd scoop him up now if I could and call him Tobias.

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  1. That pony is adorable and the Standardbred is gorgeous! Good picks! :-)