Friday, July 29, 2016


I just read someone's recap of a clinic they attended.

Now I really want to get back to taking regular riding lessons. That longing just reignited.  Now to find a place to lesson at.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Hi Tie training and a ride! 2.16 miles

Here's my high line system, all set up. I'll be playing with it to get it to my liking, but so far so good!

We also got a new toy for work around the farm. 

Saffron is enjoying grass up to her ears!

Their shady spot.

Artsy fartsy

This is Gwyn's first time on the high line. She didn't bat an eye. Good pony. She did give it a side eye when we initially walked up to it, but that was it. I think it was just because it was new and different.

"I can still eat, so I'm chill, mom."
Obviously I need to do something different with the extra length to keep it from getting tangled, but until I do an overnight test, I'm not worried. They're not in this pasture currently unless I'm nearby doing this training or riding.

"The tiny human is getting closer, Mom."

"She does not have treats."

Good mare.

Totally chill, even while Kaylee is trying to climb a rope also attached to the high line. 


I rode on the 16th! Baby was asleep and I bolted for the barn.  No pictures while I rode, just afterwards. It was a cooler day, high 70s and breezy.

Gwyn still got sweaty.  I hooked her to the high line to hose her off, since it was near my water pump. She spooked a bit, which I was actually happy about because it's a way for Gwyn to learn that she does have room to move her feet, even if she's restricted over all. She handled it well, hit the end of her rope and stopped and came back around. No panicking. I think we'll be fine over night, but I'll do that at home before we test it at a campground.

7/16/16  2.16 miles

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Goals Revisit: May, June, July

At least sit on Gwyn
Alt goal- teach second trick to Gwyn/teach to highline in prep for camping
First post partum trail ride!
Ride once a week

May:  I definitely got a ride in for May, so that accomplished my main goal! Woot!

June: I did NOT trail ride. This might have been overly ambitious for me. I'm not ready, nor do I think that Hazel was ready to be left alone without boob source for a couple hours so I could trail ride. Goal not met. I did ride twice, however. I did prep space to teach Gwyn to high line.

July: So far my once a week goal has not been met. It's hard to find time, usually I'm hoping for a good nap by Hazel, which isn't always guaranteed. I have met the alt goal for May, this month. I bought and set up the high line in the space I prepared and have stuck Gwyn on it. So far she's nonplussed. As long as she can eat, she doesn't care, plus she has good room to move around so it's only mildly restricting. Yay!

Friday, July 1, 2016

Quick bareback ride on 6/30

0.76 miles for Team 42, 0.08 miles for Team 43

I noticed that my mood was deteriorating and my patience was wearing thin much quicker than normal when it came to the kids. And quite frankly, during a particularly rough evening trying to get Hazel to sleep, I had visions of throwing her down on the bed for Eric to deal with and storming out.

That's my cue that I need some horse time.

So yesterday once she was napping for her long afternoon nap (like... 3-4 hours, this kid is a marathon napper right now!) I came out to the living room and asked Kaylee if she wanted to ride Gwyn.  She did.

It worked out well for the both of us. She got some one on one time with me, outside and I got some one on one time with Gwyn. Kaylee didn't ride for very long before asking to get down, but she did 'help' pick Gwyn's hooves and then was content to baby talk Saffron while I got on.

Gwyn was a dolt with me but we did get some good work done. Since I didn't want to rely on Hazel staying asleep, I only used the bareback pad just in case. So we worked on simple stuff. Halt/Walk/Trot transitions and relaxing. I could feel myself relaxing the longer I sat on her back.

And don't fret about miss Hazel, I have a baby monitor that reaches from the house to the arena without losing signal so I'd hear her if she started to wake up.

Gwyn was a little sweaty so Kaylee helped me hose her off and then I went to corral Saffron back to their grazing paddock and off the winter pasture. I learned that she leads quite willingly when I entice her to walk forward toward a bucket of grain. TIL! I feel silly not having tried this before now.

After hosing Gwyn down, Kaylee was playing in the dirt, so I hosed the kid down, then we had a water fight that mainly consisted of Kaylee spraying me with the hose. It was so much fun to play with my kid without having the baby attached to me.

After all that, we stripped naked on the back porch, because who the hell would see us anyway, and went inside to change. Hazel stayed asleep through all of that, so it was a good afternoon.

I definitely feel the positive change in myself. More patience, I'm calmer. I definitely need to keep making time to do this.

Awesome, simple baby monitor that's super cheap too!

<3 these girls

The Goober Pony teaches the tiny human about proper equine care by standing very still for her bath

Tiny human likes to play in dirt that is likely 90% manure bits