Friday, April 3, 2020


Our barn is thankfully small enough that with the minimal number of boarders, we can have some strict visiting policies but still have time to get out to see our ponies. We coordinate through a group chat on Facebook. The barn owner has a rule of only 2 people out at a time. We wipe down cross ties, gate latches and door handles after touching them. I use a completely different halter and lead rope to handle Gwyn that I keep in my tack locker. It seems to be going well.

Last weekend I was able to get out for 2 hours and ride and see if I could replicate the amazing feeling I got after the lesson from weeks ago.

 I could! It seems that how Trainer E phrased things definitely helped me piece things together from a "me" point of view.  I can still feel that the way I'm sitting isn't as deep as I managed to get in the lesson but that's something to work on. For now, I'm consistently getting a non-giraffed horse in the walk and that's fucking miles beyond what we used to be. I'm still super uncoordinated when we start trotting and do better if I'm in sitting trot, so I think that's a strength issue on my end.
 I think she misses me. She was super cuddly and content to just snuggle in the sun.

Boop this, get treatz?
 On tuesday I was doing a hybrid work from home/work on site day. Gwyn was scheduled for a trim, so I planned to ride before, then head into work directly after the trim. Best decision considering it hailed that evening but I got sun for my noontime ride.
 We toodled in the sidepull and I just wanted to aim for stretching and warming up muscles. Corrie, her trimmer, noted that she was having trouble in her hind end when trying to balance on the hoof stand and I was ABOUT to call in my fav body worker when she posted on social media she was voluntarily quarantining (before the state locked down officially)  as she was newly pregnant. Phooey. Good for her, being proactive, I don't resent it in the slightest, just the worst timing ever for me, haha.
 It seems getting her stretching and moving did the trick. She had no issues with her trim and stood quietly without yanking her foot away. It's a good tool to know I need in my pocket. And only reinforces the things Denny Emerson says about walking. Because that's basically all we did. Lots of loops and changes of direction, asking for bend. Some lateral movement and backing up to get her back warm. The tiniest amount of trot.

Instead of fighting to balance, she was falling asleep in the sun.
 And for some non-horsey things.
What I wear during part of my job.

My temperature has been wonky.  But nothing else. I'm beginning to suspect equipment malfunction. I did get tested and was negative at that time while the temp was being weird

One of my favorite artists, Crystal Sully, released lineart for people to color in themselves. I transfered it to watercolor paper and I'm planning to paint it this weekend.

I sewed face masks.

Anyway, I hope you're all doing okay, cooped up or still working. Stay safe, everyone. <3