Thursday, December 3, 2015

1.01 miles! I couldn't stay away....

I knew that I was going to deal with some crazy critters yesterday and that if I wanted to hop on bareback, I needed to let everyone get their wiggles out. The day was warmer than it had been, but was still only in the low 40s. I can deal with those temperatures!

The donkeys immediately took off tearing around the arena, bucking and leaping. They were having a grand ol' time. Gwyn was a little more sedate, but had a few moments. She had less wiggles, I guess, lol. All the better for me!

Gwyn wiggles

Spelled wrong, but it was a gift from a friend so I didn't say anything and accepted graciously because I'd always wanted bridle tags.

Screw the doctors. I had a 30 minute dead man switch worked out with Eric. If I didn't check in within 30 minutes of telling him I had gotten on, he was to call in the cavalry. 

I... don't know why they are doing this. Saffron is the one mounting Arwen. They're both jennies so I don't know if it's a dominance thing. I'm still researching.

Arwen is sweet, but we need to work on leading and picking our feet up.

Today while I cleaned up poop, Gwyn hung out with me. She left me alone as soon as I threw a few flakes of hay into the pasture, hahaha. 

"Hi, feed me. My pasture is barren. I'm starving"

"I'll eat the camera"

I've gotten fed up with making multiple trips with a muck bucket I can lift, so now I get all the poop in one go and shovel it into my dumpster. I think it goes faster. Plus upper arm workout!