Sunday, June 5, 2016

My fitbit! 

The storm earlier as we drove home from quick errands at the hardware store.

I tried something new with her mane

Gwyn was an idiot and went running away from me. I noticed she sliced her heel bulb. It wasn't bad, I cleaned it up, but it's definitely from her awful looking feet. The farrier is coming out Thursday, which is the 8 week mark, but I think with summer and minimal riding we're going to need to bump that to a more frequent visit.

Either way, I booted her up with bell boots and splints for riding so in case she hit herself again, I wouldn't be looking at a lame horse. I lunged her briefly to see how she was moving (normally) and how her focus was (on me quite quickly)

Happy happy! I told Eric on Thursday that I needed to ride. I could feel my patience ebbing away from parenting. It's draining. I feel rejuvenated now! And bonus, I'll be off blood thinners soon!

We ventured out into the pasture and I did several trot sets up the hill. And noticed that the bottom line was down! Gonna need to order some electrobraid.

Overlooking our domain

The ride stats summary!