My Wish List

Compiling this here as I think of things through the year. Feel free to peruse this for ideas if you are my husband, family or a secret santa match!

General Info:

Plus size in the 2x range
Fav colors are purple, teal and blue
Gwyn wears purple beta for endurance and I'm hoping to do purple accents for eventing
Birthstone is an Opal.

For Fun:
  • The current year Breyer Holiday Horse. My husband will roll his eyes, but I've collected Breyers since I was a little kid and I'm trying (for his sake) to be more selective and reduce Breyer acquisition. I will never turn down a custom of Gwyn or Clyde. 
  • Sciencey jewelry. I'm a scientist and I love having jewelry that reflects this side of me. Silver tones preferred
  • Fandoms: Critical Role
  • I play Dungeons and Dragons and I'm a dice goblin. I will always love more dice (blue/silver/green/purples)
  • Amazon Wish List 
  • Elfster Wish List
Camping/Endurance Needs
  • Camping stove
  • Solar panels for powering things in camp
  • Hi-Tie system for the trailer
  • Rein leash
  • Reflective Horse Collar 
Horse Related (with links)

Food Ideas!

  • Fav Candy: Maple Sugar Candy or Reeses
  • Fruity Teas
  • Neat Tea steepers
  • Allergic to Bleu Cheese!!!!

Things I don't need:
  • Horsey scarves. They're cool and easy, I get it. I have two and I barely use them as it is.
  • Mugs - we have limited space and have already Marie Kondo'd our coffee mug collection into ones that bring us joy

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