Saturday, November 25, 2017

Day 25 - Dream Trailer

Day 25- Your dream trailer

From Clover Ledge Farm

2+1 weekender

Boom. That is all.

Something like this.  Or alternatively, this company that makes reverse slant loads in either a goose or bumper pull.

I really do like the trailer I have right now though. It's a 2H straight load Eclipse with dressing room. It's got lots of room for Gwyn and she loads into it REALLY well compared to a 2h slant that we failed over and over with. If needed I could set up a sleeping bag or cot in the trailer and sleep there if I really didn't want to tent camp. I proved that pretty well at Oak Leaf Run this year, even if I did opt to stay in my tent, lol.

I enjoy roughing it, strange as it may seem, so having a mattress and a gooseneck trailer isn't that important to me.  But my ideal would be that 2+1. I could easily camp in the trailer without changing the stalls, we could bring the ATV with us to rides and that would be an asset for ride managers.

Anyway. That was easy :) 

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