Monday, November 20, 2017

Day 17 - Equestrian Idol

Day 17- Your equestrian idol

From Clover Ledge Farm

This is difficult to answer. I'm not a celebrity person in any way and frequently get movie stars mixed up (Just ask my husband about my Jonah Hill/Rebel Wilson mix up...)  I also don't keep my ear to the ground regarding showing to have someone I really look up to who's like.. Olympic level.

I feel a certain camraderie with Lauren Sprieser since I was involved in the LiveJournal equestrian community back in the day and she was also a member and blogging on that platform as she started to get a foothold in the dressage world. I still follow her today. She's probably the most successful?

Jessica Kerschbaumer in Alberta Canada does eventing in the USA and Canada and I follow her. She's become more of a social media competitor and is doing more training and higher level competing. Again, from way back when on LJ. I like following her because she doesn't fit the rider stereotype of being super thin and wealthy. She's a larger rider (though has slimmed down as she's gotten more athletic) and is successful on a budget and I feel like that makes my own goals seem achievable. That I'd be able to compete in eventing even though I'll be on a tight budget, not a thin rider and with no endorsements (though Jessica does have endorsements right now!)

Then there's Dom. I really respect how she works with horses and the results she gets. And again here's that tie to LJ, but I've been following her for years now and she describes her training methods well. I keep how she works with horses in mind a lot when I go meet new trainers or watch someone interact with my horse. I wish I lived closer to her because I'd hire her in a heartbeat to either work with Gwyn or work with me on Gwyn.

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