Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Blog Hop!

Blog Hop! 10 questions for May

I've been pretty busy on farm stuff, but while I wait for a video to upload, here's a quick rundown of answers!

  1. What are your summer goals?
    1. At this point my goal is to get out and trail ride once a month. Ride once a week. We'll see how that goes with kids in the mix. We're still trying to find a balance with two kids, and farm chores, and now I have to work some weekends.  It's constantly shifting and prioritizing things.
  2. Do you have any tips or tricks for fly control?
    1. I like to use Fly Predators from Smartpak.  I don't have a lot of farm animals in my near vicinity so any flies we get are due to our own property. This makes environmental control a bit easier, versus having flies coming in from other properties that aren't using Fly Predators.
      I'm always down for a good spray, but only Gwyn tolerates being sprayed, Saffron is scared to death of it and it's not a priority for me to address with her re: desensitizing.
      I also feed through garlic flakes and that seems to help a little. Oh, and I hang fly trap bags from the trees they like to hang out under.
  3. How often do you bathe your horse?
    1. I'll spray Gwyn down if she's super sweaty after a ride, but I haven't used a shampoo type product on her in years, if ever. We haven't needed to be squeaky clean yet plus her coat color is REALLY good at hiding dirt. ;) 
  4. Do you have any upcoming travel plans? Equine related or otherwise?
    1. I JUST got back from a road trip to North Carolina to watch my brother graduate from Duke Medical school. We drove through some really nice national park area and I was figuring out that taking Gwyn down this way really wouldn't be that bad of a drive. So now I want to ride at Hocking Hills in Ohio. I'll be going to Florida in July, not for horses. Nearest horse trip is an LD at Metropark Express in September, atm. And that's a day trip.
  5. What is your favorite way to beat the heat?
    1. Feet in a kiddie pool or creek or lake. 
  6. Do you do anything to prevent your horse from sunbleaching?
    1. Hahaha, nope
  7. How hot is too hot for you to ride?
    1. Heat index over 100F would do it for me.
  8. How important is sun protection for you riding or just in general?
    1. Pretty important in general. I like to use physical UV blockers like zinc or titanium dioxide sunscreens and I'm looking into sun shirts for me. I already put them on the kids. I do have some of the cooling shirts by Kerrits but nothing long sleeves.
  9. Have you ever gone swimming with your horse?
    1. I went swimming with Clyde, when I was a teen. He lived right by a lake and we took him in one summer. It was LOADS of fun. I'd love to do it with Gwyn. Maybe in one of the Great Lakes?
  10. And because shopping is always on my mind, what’s on your summer wish list?
    1. A purple biothane bridle and matching breastcollar! I'm trying to sell off some extra tack in order to buy the one on my wishlist.  That and a purple cantle bag that can hold water bottles.