Thursday, February 11, 2021

Virtual Tevis Completion

 The photos posted out of order, whatever. Argh.I'm having the same issues Dom is. 

I participated in the Virtual Tevis this year (2021 Amy: Now you know how old this post is), which was nice for motivating me to get distance on Gwyn. 
Cortney and I spent lots of miles at Bridle Trails for rehab walking (more on that later)

Gwyn loves Amira, Amira loves Gwyn

We mask up in Bridle Trails because that's the rule of the park

Anyway, November and December were fairly dry. So the trails were great here. And it was a nice escape from stress and good times spent safely with friends.

And now who knows if I'll ever catch up on what I've wanted to blog about but don't have time or mental energy for.