Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Day 20 - Favorite Horse Show

Day 20- Your favorite horse show

From Clover Ledge Farm

As a kid, my favorite horse show was the Glastonbury Pony Club D Rally. It was a three day event packed into one day. You started early with dressage in the morning, then a short while later had cross country followed by show jumping. As a kid I couldn't have adult help, just my team. We showed out of the trailer and everyone helped everyone meet all the standards. We had a C advisor, one of the more advanced kids who was a general help and we had to have our proper grooming kits and first aid and pass tack and clothing inspections before we mounted every time. Everything was judged.

When I moved up in the levels, my favorite event became the 3 day regional rally. Again we were on a team and couldn't have adult help with the horse care and showing. But we had a three rider team with a 4th member who didn't ride, called the horse manager. Again, we had to support one another and we were judged on everything. I loved that cross country course, it was so much fun as a kid and it felt like I was finally at a fancy show that lasted all weekend long. Honestly, I think the feeling I got from that show is what's driving me to go back to eventing.

As an adult, my favorite show now is Oak Leaf Run, the endurance ride. I haven't really had the opportunity to go to a variety but I do know I love Oak Leaf and have gone every year we've been in Michigan. It's my birthday treat to myself. They have a beautiful campsite and beautiful trails and wonderful people. Even if it rains all weekend...

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