Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Goals for 2016 by Month

The Distance Derby has monthly events and for March, the participants were challenged to come up with non-distance related goals for each month of the rest of the year that involved your horse.

I think that was an excellent idea and took it to heart. We only had to do one goal each month, but I do have some back up and multiple goals, because goals! Part of my goals involve getting back into shape after having the baby for both Gwyn and myself. Ideally, as Hazel gets older I'll be able to condition more and more. I'm also trying to keep in mind Eric's time as well, since he'll be primarily responsible for childcare while I ride. 

The tricks that I mention are things I can do while babywearing Hazel or while she naps. I plan to have a portable crib that I'll bring out to the barn to leave her to chill while I do things with Gwyn. They're also weather dependent. I.E. I'm less likely to ride when it's cold, or want to spend time outside while it's cold with Hazel. 

Teach Gwyn one trick! TBD
Avoid going into labor during Distance Derby dinner
Introduce new baby to Gwyn
At least sit on Gwyn
Alt goal- teach second trick to Gwyn/teach to highline in prep for camping
First post partum trail ride!
Ride once a week
Endurance ride at Kensington, novice 15 mile
Ride twice a week
Ride three times a week
Go to a hunter pace or local dressage show
LD endurance ride at silver Creek
Polly Ann trail fall ride
Ride three times a week
Ride on new year's Eve
Teach third trick to Gwyn