Wednesday, April 3, 2019

What Sparks Joy?

I've taken a lot of Marie Kondo's techniques and advice to heart in a lot of areas of my life. And even before I binge watched her show on Netflix, I knew what absolutely sparked joy in my life.

Washington State.

I've come to like things about Michigan. I have. But in many ways we are not happy here. When GM announced that they were doing layoffs and then held off on announcing those layoffs until the government shut down had finished, Eric put out feelers and applied.

Two weeks ago he had an interview with Boeing, in Everett. Today he got the official offer. We're still not sure what the timeline is going to be. I'm anticipating that Kaylee will be able to finish out her school year here in Michigan. But we are going to be back out in the Seattle area and I'm just thrilled.

It's one of the reasons why I really haven't planned out many horse events this year. Instead I'm dreaming of PNW endurance rides.

I'm mapping my road trip to bring Gwyn west with my truck and trailer. (ALLLLL the advice welcome on that front, btw). I've got three stops planned, of 8-9.5 hours of driving a day.

I'm looking for places to board.

I'm searching for a place to rent to live, and a place to eventually buy once our house here sells. My head is all over the place. I'm putting in my two weeks notice tomorrow.

More of this view, plzkthx

Mount Si, aka Twin Peaks :) behind me


  1. So exciting!!!!! I hope you are there by the end of June. We will be in Seattle for a week and then I’ll get to meet you 😁

    We drove the horses ourselves from WI to SC and took two days with a layover in KY. They did great. We stopped every 3-4 hours to offer water and top off hay in their nets. Slow feeder nets worked great to give them something to eat the entire time. I loaded them up with a soupy mash before we left, for dinner at the layover and breakfast the next day. I didn’t do electrolytes since water would be restricted to stops.

    I’m so excited for you though. Going to live where you love isn’t big deal.

    1. Depending on the timing we will be out there right around that time or just after. I'm not sure! Kaylee finishes school mid June so it's a complete toss up, lol. If it works out I would LOVE to show you some awesome waterfall hikes! If not, you should go to either Bridal Veil Falls and include continuing up to the lake that feeds the falls, or check out Wallace Falls. They're both in the same area, Gold Bar, WA and about an hour out of Seattle. Wallace is a little more kid friendly. Both should be flowing quite well in June!

      Gwyn already gets a mash for dinner, and Saffron likes to steal it, so I think adding more water wouldn't be an issue.

    2. Is a big deal. Not isn’t. Sorry. Bad typo mistake I didn’t catch until now.

  2. Exciting! We must meet up before you go! Washington is on the list of places my husband and I would love to live.

    1. Definitely! We should meet at Brighton or Kensington once tax season is done. That's pretty squarely mid way!