Saturday, April 6, 2019

A Weekend Assortment of photos

Using the timer function to take pictures when riding solo

After a week, they still looked good during chores. Have since obsessively peeled them off

Not enough Saffron

Gwyn got a new muzzle, the Greenguard.

Dead Horse Day

Farrier came out for Saffron and Gwyn was in my face

This is the road that borders the Ford Proving Grounds on the North. I've always wished I could ride their perimeter because it would be a fantastic way to condition. Total perimeter distance is 10 miles. It's nice, wide and clear the whole way, with this lovely, long gradual hill

The farm store had a good deal on shavings. I didn't have the truck. Even with car seats, I could have fit 2 more.

My 'pony' tail. I think a lot of my facebook friends did NOT realize who that hair belongs to... It is a freakishly good match though

Gwyn managed to get the crown piece over one ear. I've since adjusted the fit to be tighter around her face as a whole (it is a breakaway halter)

Problem solver Hazel brings the step stool in so she can brush Gwyn up higher

Dead Horse Day (Today)  I tried to join her but she got up and then I felt bad about interrupting her nap

So we hung out and I sat on the ground
 Even though it was a perfect day for riding, Gwyn has off until tomorrow. She was adjusted yesterday and her SI was out again, as well as her right jaw and a bit in her neck. We'll see how she feels on the lunge line tomorrow and will maybe try and find some gentle hills to stretch on, if not the farm fields will likely have good enough footing for a long hack.
She just stood here with light contact. <3
 Also, I ordered new shedding blades because I couldn't find mine. I found it today.   >.<
And then I itched her a bit with my fingers. She shook and I watched horse hair FLYYYYYY into the wind, lol
 Also also, I ordered some breeches and a sun shirt from smartpak (code APRPERKC19 for a free piper sun shirt if you buy a pair of piper breeches, it was on the calendar) I tried on the sun shirt and it is amazing and soft and cool to the touch. It's bright purple (obvs) and has the tiny mesh on the underside of the sleeves. According to smartpak sizing  I am just baaaarely too big for the XXL but it's loose on me and still stretchy. I will probably get more haha
And then since it was warm enough to be out in capris and a tank top I cleaned out the trailer dressing room.  First camping trip coming up this weekend!  Before

And after! I'm planning to get more hooks for the future road trip and to hang my saddle pad hanger


  1. I just ordered a greedguard muzzle earlier this week to use for transitioning Phoenix to grass in my other pastures. He was insistent on gorging himself last year and had a few nights where he didn't feel great so I don't want to do that again! Tried to get the halter that goes with it but it was on back order until July sadly.

    1. Gwyn hasn't felt bad from the grass but she is pretty plump and her feet always get worse through the summer, so I figured it was a necessary thing. And wow, I guess I ordered in time, I hope you can get the halter soon.

  2. Don't pick them off!!!! :) You'll ruin your nail, but they do look really good even after a week of horse life and work. I'm glad they are holding up for you!!!

    I never realized Gwyn has such a great tail. It really is a perfect match for you. I always feel guilty when I interrupt a horse nap. Not sure why since they have 24 hours a day to nap all they want.

    1. It's a compulsion. I have been better about not biting them though! I'm planning out what color to do next. Like... do a repeat of one I've already opened or try yet another new one :D

      Yeah, Gwyn's friesian hair genes definitely overpowered the appy genes in this regard. Her cousin was not so lucky and occasionally goes completely bald all over her body.

  3. OH Gwyn getting yourself into trouble with that muzzle are ya