Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Blogger Gift Exchange!

 Of all things I got an email through my company's website, which I wasn't expecting telling me to expect a delivery. It really threw me for a loop, so Katherine of Virtual Brush Box, I'd like to apologize for that! I had totally forgotten about the exchange, especially since I was one of the few people who somehow got their match lost in transit and was still waiting to hear from Tracy!

I had this book on my wish list and it's definitely got things in it that I should be working on, I'm already half way through reading it and no surprise, many of the exercises that Jim has me working on are some of the basics that the book talks about. Gosh, Amy, listen to your trainer...

Anyway, thank you thank you! I really do love it and they break down the exercises in a really well thought out way for my learning style. The pictures and diagrams are fantastic!
Oh it's describing Gwyn.... "bad steering, fussy contact, high head, lack of progress over time..."

Getting stronger though!

A huddle to discuss the difference between strengthening and flexibility and what exercises do what when we're riding


  1. What a cool book! And again, so sorry for the email issues :-( Thanks again for participating and happy holidays!

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