Monday, July 16, 2018

Horse Show Budget Breakdown

I really like the idea of sharing this information, just to see regionally what everyone spends and within each discipline as well!

*Memberships I have purchased for 2018


Locally I only have one event and it's not rated so prices will reflect that aspect of this show. It's also not a full 3 phase, stadium and cross country are combined. I also don't show rated.
Entry: $85
Stabling: $35/night. I live 15 minutes away so I trailer in for the day and save this cost
Schooling fee: $25 (for the day before, you must have a trainer)
Clean Stall Fee: $40

It's a one day show, which puts me out $85 plus snacks/meals and gas (<$10)
I could join the state Eventing association
Yearly membership is $25/rider and $10/horse.  There is no lifetime option.
As always there's national organizations but since I'm not in a place to show rated, it's not worthwhile to me. For USEA that would be $85/year

Hunt Club

Hunter paces are held twice a year, once in summer and once in fall. Again local.
Gas: <$10
Entry: $45
Unlimited sherry provided lol
Weekend cost of $50

Hunt Trials
Per Class: $30
EMT fee: $5


*AERC membership: $85  ($63.75 if you are brand new to the organization) You get mileage tracking and patches as you accumulate miles
*AERC horse membership: Free for the first horse, $20 for each additional equine, mileage tracking for the equine as well
*Great Lakes Distance Riding Membership: $20/yr or $200 lifetime for their year end awards
Upper Midwest Endurance and Competitive Ride Association: $35/year, year end awards
*Green Bean Endurance Program: $15/yr 

These prices are listed in ascending order of ride length from 15 miles, 25, 30 miles, 50, 75 and 100. Since I volunteer one day, I only pay for a day of riding. Some people ride both days!

Brighton:  $35/57/69  for 15, 25 and 30 miles plus 20/night for camping
White River: $25/60/80/130 for 15/25/50 and 100 plus 20/night for camping
Metropark: $30/60/80 for 12, 30 and 50 miles plus $15/night for camping
Oak Leaf: $25/60/80/110 for 15, 30, 50 and 75 miles plus $15/night camping plus $5 processing fee

Gas: up to $120 as these events are about a gas tank away so I fill up before I leave there and before I come home
Food runs me about $100 for the weekend, and if I volunteer I get fed.
Total weekend cost: $320


USDF annual membership: $90  Again, I don't join because we're not in a place where it's worthwhile
USDF lifetime horse number: $115   I might do this now just to get Gwyn in the system
Michigan Dressage Association Membership: $51

Show at Rattlewood Farm
Class Fee: $20  - I'd probably do at least 2 classes, up to three, each day, so lets assume 6 classes total
Stall Fee: $90 for two days  -  required, no showing out of trailer allowed, priority given to people who stay for both days
Office Fee: $20
Shavings: $8/bag  I would bring from home at $3/bag
Camping: $15/day
Post Entry Fee: $30
Food: nominal
Gas: <$10

I live 20 minutes away, so I don't have to pay for accommodations. This, however, also makes that $90 stall fee REALLY hard to stomach and honestly is why I haven't really pushed to go to this show series yet. My total cost of showing for a weekend, if I went to both days would total  ~$250


  1. Interesting! An average endurance ride generally cost me between $300-500 for the weekend although I spent close to $1,000 on the 100 miler.

  2. Those prices are not half bad!