Thursday, January 25, 2018

In Which Gwyn is a Good Girl

I finally bought clippers. Just a cheapy pair, less than $50  for trimming Gwyn's mane, dock, fetlocks (maybe), (never muzzle, she will be au naturale forevah) and the occasional trace clip (I think it could handle not a whole body thing).

Tonight, we practiced desensitization with the clippers.

I can't remember if Gwyn has been clipped before. I don't think she has but you wouldn't know it. After her dinner I put her in the cross ties and turned on the clippers. She flicked an ear at me but otherwise didn't react. With the free hand I stroked her shoulder.

Then I brought the clippers near her body. She definitely had ears on me and twitched when I touched the buzzing clippers to her shoulder (but no clipping).  Then she relaxed and I kept petting and talking to her.

Then I tried a quick buzz on her neck with the actual blades. No big.

Then I clipped her damn bridle path all proper like and tidied up the hack job roach I did to her mane.

It was no big deal.

I fucking love this horse.

Have some photos from 3 days ago when the fog settled in while I was feeding.