Wednesday, January 17, 2018

2.5 miles on my day off

Work wants me back down to part time and my boss offered to let me do those part time hours as a 4 day work week. I JUMPED on the chance. This was the first week of that 4 day schedule. I decided on wednesday as my day.

Weather called for sunny but cold with wind chill. I decided to wait until the 'heat of the day' before heading out to ride, to make the most of things. It took a lot of effort to get ready to go outside. I had spent the morning doing yoga and watching Supernatural while matching socks in the warmth of the house.

I wore my wool baselayer shirt, kerrits winter riding tights, wool socks, muck boots, fleece vest, columbia down jacket and my riding skirt, plus a fleece balaclava and gloves.  I was warm! It worked!

Unsuspecting, snug as a bug in a rug, mare

I am BUNDLED UP.  My step ladder was frozen to the arena so I had to use my smaller step stool. Booo

I made sure Gwyn stayed snug. I didn't want her muscles getting too cold.

Roaching her mane meant I really didn't have a good grab strap while mounting...

After the ride smiles

After the ride mare face when I made her turn into the sun (and wind) for the best light for selfies


And the Goober Mare fought me SO MUCH about walking that she had to wear her cooler after the ride

The weather right after I rode

Endomondo report

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  1. I do, well sorta, miss riding in the snow. There is something peaceful about it, plus it makes the horse work much harder so the work out is great even at a walk. Enjoy your new work schedule!