Thursday, May 6, 2021

Photo Catchup

 Between an FDA audit at work and some general life craziness, I just haven't been blogging, or doing much riding wise that would justify a post of "Here's some between the ears shots of my arena".

So I guess here's a photo summary for several weeks worth of things that I didn't feel like they needed their own post.

My mom came to visit (fully vaccinated) and Gwyn knows that "Nana" will pay attention to her

Erica and I built a playhouse for the kids as Hazel's 5th birthday present. We still need to add the roof on one side

I sat on Puget Sound for a while and it was lovely

I got my first Covid shot for Moderna, second one is tomorrow (07May)

Gwyn gleams in the sunlight

Clear days in my neighborhood means mountain views

My house is staying decently clean lately, so now I keep fresh flowers on the table and it's nice

Kaylee snuggles with our leopard gecko Willow, and me.

Those lights went up at Christmas and dammit, it's still a pandemic so they're staying up because it makes me feel good


More work with my DIY equibands

If you add black rice to other rice, they all turn purple. Pork tenderloin and grape tomatoes
I bought a bridle on Wish for the hell of it

It's kind of hilarious and I have no idea what kind of horse its designed for

It's way long in the face but super tight in the jowl and Gwyn has a LONG face

At least it's pretty

Gwyn loves her babies

And that "baby" loves playing in the sand

I love spring flowers at work

Gwyn is very attentive when the grain shed is open

More work with equibands

It's almost Gwyn's Birthday!

So she (me) got new stuff

Haas brushes too

Starting to really sleek out

Fav spring flower, Lilacs!

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  1. That email meme is saved on my phone and I text it to my friends when I am having a bad day, I've never seen a meme that more encompasses my stupid work life in the last year. Also I hope that people's christmas lights stay up all year round :D