Friday, August 31, 2018

In Anticipation

I'm basically all packed and ready to head out in the morning for what's basically my endurance loaded next two months! Three rides in the course of seven weeks.

I'm SO excited.

I also finally got my ribbon in the mail for placing at the Hunter Pace with my team but I keep forgetting to take the ribbon out to the barn and make Gwyn pose all official-like.

ah well :D

The plan for the weekend:

Drive up/over to the west side of the state Saturday AM
Set up camp
Help hang night time trail markers for the 100 milers (Yay volunteering!)
25 mile LD Sunday AM
Chill out Sunday PM with Alicia and her kid (bathing suit brought for the lake just in case)
Monday AM be the timer for the monday rides
Pack up camp and go home

This is a ride I haven't been to before so it'll be all new trails! Alicia is already there with her daughter, who I haven't met yet.

Just, in general I'm excited for the weekend. And I'm hoping that even if the actual ride doesn't go as planned that since I have other activities worked in (volunteering) that it'll still be enjoyable.

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