Monday, December 11, 2017

Holiday Card photo shoot

I like having seasonal photos of Gwyn (and Saffron if she's in an amenable mood). So this past weekend was my chance! The farrier was coming out in the morning (Gwyn's abscess is finally grown out, huzzah) and it was -snowing-.

It was a lovely fluffy snow, tiny flakes, very dry, the kind that creates a thin mist on roads when the wind blows and hardly accumulates or sticks to anything. Very atmospheric.

Anyway, once the farrier was done, I left Saffron locked up in her stall with some hay and took Gwyn to the resting pasture (note to self, either find someone who can fix a leather halter, or buy a new leather halter, the crown buckle is broken)  I had a brand new Santa hat made just for horses that I got at the tack store on Black Friday (worth it!) and my camera. I was ready.

"Hey human. Get back here. DON'T LEAVE ME HERE, LADY."

"I see you, with that black contraption you keep on your face. I am not impressed."

"My nose looks smoochable, but you do not get to smooch me."

"Hey Mom, you didn't mention there was grass under the snow over here!"

*Mare faces*

"Hey Saffron? Where'd you go?"


And here was where I finally was able to get her to face me AND stand still. Because the action shots weren't really cutting it.

"Omnomnomnom, Mom!"

Once I was satisfied I had a decent photo, I went and grabbed Saffron, who was VERY eager to get to the pasture.  I let them both hang out until it started to get dark so they had a change of scenery for a bit.

I made that! With google's help.