Saturday, December 16, 2017

Earning Her Keep

So we've had a few days of snow now, and something that I've wanted to do, and that Eric has been wanting, is for Gwyn to help plow the driveway. I have a skijoring harness that should be fine for our homemade plow and today we did a couple test runs and a short training session.

I think it was pretty successful. We've got a while to go before she could do the whole driveway, but little experiences are important. Exposure is important.

The first attempt neither Eric nor I were prepared, really. And we probably jumped the gun.

I did make sure that we had a quick release system in place. Eric held the ropes that were threaded through the harness and would drop them on my command.  This way, if Gwyn freaked out, she wouldn't have a giant wooden plow racketing along behind her.

She did get away the first time and then I had to trudge around in a foot of snow to catch her and she was having a blast, tail flagged over her back as she pranced around the pasture.

Third attempt I think? I finally started to document it.

Pause for praise and love from an increasingly tired and cold Hazel. Plus proof that Eric pets the horses.

Gwyn kisses Hazel

Kisses for me

And selfies

Final attempt.

You can kind of see her opinion of the whole matter.

After we had her drag it a couple times (and she did!) I worked on some desensitization and she did really well.  See the video below!