Friday, July 31, 2015

7/26 ride and 7/31 ride

I got a new fitbit a little bit ago and it has a GPS component to it so I used it for my ride on 7/26 to see how well it would track my path in the arena.

It did pretty good when all was said and done but I really need to figure out the best mode to use it in to track my riding. It would be nice to be able to save phone battery for calling in emergency situations and use watch battery for ride tracking. 

I like the data that I get with the fitbit surge. It measures my heart rate, which gives me a more accurate window into how many calories I burn each day so I can really focus in on my eating and weight loss. I've been doing REALLY well lately, so it's quite encouraging.

 This was from tonight. Eric and Kaylee sat down to watch Finding Nemo and I headed out to the barn. I got chores done first, then tacked up Gwyn. She was a really good girl tonight. It was much cooler weather than our last ride (we had a thunderstorm in between) and very very pleasant to be out in.

I know we aren't doing a lot of mileage at a time. I just get so amazingly bored in this arena. If my previous post is any indicator, I am itching badly to get out on the trails. I can't wait to explore!

Tonight we did more bending and collection. I worked on my confidence at the canter. I really need to schedule a lesson. Soon.

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  1. I think the arena is boring too. It's tough to log many miles in such a small space.