Thursday, May 21, 2015

2.07 miles! And some videos

I was feeling under the weather today so I decided to keep the ride simple. We just walked, but we worked on seat aids and contact in the bridle. Also steering. We worked on lots of steering out in the hay field since Gwyn likes to turn for home randomly.  I worked on sitting evenly in the saddle and also worked on really having a strong right leg when I didn't want her to turn right. 

Testing out a temporary fly mask until I can order a fancy-schmancy $100 one that blocks a ton of UV light.

The affected eye. Her lower lid should curve up and not expose as much of the sclera. You can also see the old scar on the eye itself in this photo.

The one drawback.... a top line of barb wire on this defunct fenceline between hay fields.

The awful phase where she readjusts to being barefoot after having shoes. The toe is actually breaking to a nice shape, it just looks TERRIBLE. I've been rasping it to try and control the breakage and keep it to a minimum.

I took a video today of Gwyn

And some over the ears video so you can see where I ride right now!

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