Monday, April 27, 2015

Gwyn is HERE!

I got the heads up this morning as I finished submitting a job application. I rushed out because I still needed a money order to pay for the second half of the price of shipping. Getting that was more complicated than it should have been, but finally, with carrots as well, I was on the road to the barn and could see, just ahead, the truck pulling onto the property.

Getting her off was a non-issue, and in fact she got a glowing behavioral report from the shipper. He had been the one to pick her up in Snohomish a week prior as well, so he was with her for the whole transit. That's my girl!

I got her situated in her 'quarantine' pen with hay and water and hung out and snuggled, taking photos. Then it was time to pick Kaylee up from preschool so I headed that way, got lunch, and brought Kaylee back to the barn for more snuggles and brushing. 

A small rub mark, likely from friction during transport.

Dried blood on a straight scrape. Again, not concerned, it's extremely shallow and not even puffy. 

She immediately ate and drank, and pooped not long later (which made me sigh with relief)

Even horses blink.

Gwyn was next to the grey. She was hiding at first, or trying to look through the bars rather than stick her head through.

The shipping van. Packed full of horses too!

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