Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Back in the saddle! 2.4 miles!

Today was a GREAT day to be back in the saddle!

In her stall, waiting impatiently for breakfast.

Yay! Tacked up! (Almost)

Lunging to assess. It seems most of her wigglies were gotten out the day before. She was ready to focus today.

Some canter-ish. The indoor footing is deep, soft sand. 


Then up I went!

And out we went. It was SUCH a nice day out. Perfect for riding.

After riding briefly in both indoor and outdoor arenas, I decided I really just wanted to hack. 

So we did. The barn sits on 100 acres of hay field and we're allowed to ride around the edges.

It was great. The field had nice footing in most spots, there were still a few wet patches but nothing awful. We walked, trotted and cantered. I think Gwyn really enjoyed herself.

She was watching the redwing blackbirds.

We came around behind one of the horse pastures.

Small ravine with a creek

Maybe an old orchard?

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