Thursday, September 8, 2022

First Ride Back!!!

I have no media from this, which is a shame, but I had a GREAT lesson on Sunday with C and finally rode Gwyn!!!!

First order of business was a hoof trim for Miss Gwyn. Once again we did the hay trick and she had no problems standing on three feet while the fourth was being handled. She was very good for Corrie and her feet look fantastic despite the awful drought we're in. I haven't even used Hoof Armor this summer, mainly because I haven't been riding. 

After her trim I started grooming and pulled out her saddle. This mare, you guys. She's generally happy that I show up to the barn, I usually get greeted very vocally, which is a mood boost every time. She also has VERY good cross tie manners. I pulled the saddle out for her and she started dancing in the cross ties. She knew, y'all. Then I realized I tacked up too early and had a half hour before C showed up and we had to sit and wait.
I did, at least, get a picture of her wearing her saddle after the lesson. Much to Gwyn's (and my) chagrin, however, we started with a lesson in bridling manners. She's not bad per se, but she absolutely could be better, especially if my kids ever want to bridle or halter her independently. So to that end we worked on a head down cue. She thought that was bullshit because we bridled her three or four times. 

Homework #1: Asking for that head down and turned to me for bridling and general handling.
She also physically deflated when I ran the long lines through my stirrups to start. Mare is bored with long lining. I don't blame her. But we did get some good work on the long line. The goal is to get her reaching her neck down, but head no lower than withers. Her trot starts to get really floaty when she's working with her body well.

Homework #2: Thinking about the footfalls and really asking that her inside hind be stepping underneath her body on the circle. Always thinking about that nose and keeping her from looking to the outside of the circle.
Sunflowers on my way home
Finally, I got on for my 15 minutes. Again we were focused on controlling where her hind feet were landing which ended up getting her head down and stretching with a lifted back. Slow and steady here. Impulsion is good but she really wanted to offer trot with me. Sorry mare, vet said not yet.

Homework #3: Leg cue with my calf, not heel, I found if I thought whole leg I did better. Wide hands to create a funnel for her but careful not to overbend to the inside when working to the left. 
I came home and reorganized part of the garage and hung hooks so I could store horse blankets

My brain is in such a happy place right now. I got to get on my horse again. My heart is so happy.

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