Monday, July 25, 2022

Vet Recheck

Vet Claire came out Friday morning to do another status check on Gwyn. Since it was an early morning appointment, Gwyn still had her breakfast hay and looked relatively confused to see me. Though she's definitely recognizing the vet's pickup truck lol. 

Unfortunately, she's still flexing positive on the hind leg which means still not cleared for riding. However, Claire thinks it's more a weakness issue at this point rather than a pain issue so we have some Physical Therapy to add in to our walking and trotting. Right now we're at 15 min walking, 10 minutes of trotting, with the addition of this set up of cavaletti (one of my big steps, or 3 3/4 of my literal feet) 

The goal is to ask Gwyn to come in at a slower trot to encourage her to lift and use her back. She fatigued after about 3-4 tries over the double set so that's the stop point, where I then just ask her to open up the trot and stretch down, no poles. Rearrange for the other direction. 
I made sure to describe what I've been working on with Chriss in our lessons which Claire was enthusiastic about the game plan, especially with what we've been working on with the long lining. I'm also clear to do in hand lateral work to really ask her to step under herself and weight bear with the hind. Anything to encourage her to really sit back on her haunches and develop those muscles.
She is not yet clear for turnout in the bigger grass pasture yet, so alas for my air fern, she remains in the smaller paddocks. It's probably better for her weight anyway. But I AM clear to hand walk her on trails! That's exciting news. 
I'm discouraged that recovery isn't to the point that basic riding is okay. However, I do see the benefit of what I've been working on. Claire has pointed out that when we do get back to a riding point, Gwyn will be improved from where we left off because we're focusing on strength building basics. 

Saw a tiktok about braiding for long manes and tried it out to see. 

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