Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Healing and 2022 plans

 At the end of March, Gwyn got hock and stifle injections.  She was allowed to rest but was still presenting as lame at the trot.  At the end of April, I had a complete hysterectomy and I am still recovering from that surgery. 

All of this to say, that's why I've been focusing on groundwork lately. It's something low impact we can both do while healing.  

She fell asleep mid-hoover of alfalfa dust, like an exhausted toddler in a plate full of food

I had the vet out for the injection reassessment and was anxious to be there specifically because Gwyn was still not sound. We flexed and trotted her, then moved on to blocking the fetlock and then suspensory in her left hind.

She was sound after the suspensory block. 

So we moved on to ultrasound of the area. My vet found swelling of the suspensory on the left side (and even my uneducated eye could see the differences between L and R on the machine) and diagnosed an injury to the left proximal suspensory ligament.

The bad news is that recovery is 4-5 months. All of my pony club plans, endurance, gone. I'm not riding for a while. 

The good news is that she's got a good prognosis for recovery. There's no lesion or tear. It's swelling but not the worst it could be. I've got a plan for treatment. And I've got the greenlight from the vet to continue the groundwork lessons. On the surface, Gwyn's life won't change.

I'm also planning to stick with Pony Club. They can always use adult volunteers so I'll stay involved and really get to know the members. Maybe work on my HM rating since that's different from the riding rating. 

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