Thursday, May 12, 2022

A Sweet Sixteen and Happy Gotcha Day

 May 11 was Gwyn's Sweet Sixteen so I pinterest Mom'd it up and planned a photo shoot. We had fun. May 12 is her Gotcha Day. The day she arrived in Washington for the first time from Florida. She's been mine for 11 years now.

If you ever want to make a grocery store floral department employee's day, get balloons for your horse and tell them
"Aww, does your kid really like unicorns?"
"Well, it's actually for my horse..."
"Will she be okay with the balloons?!"

Have some phone photos in order, and then good camera photos in backwards order. I don't even care even if Blogger screwed it up.

It was very hard to get good photos mostly because once she figured out that the balloons were nbd, she was fucking bored and Over It. 

I was grumpy at this tiara though, because tiaras aren't made for horse heads, especially ones that are part draft. But I think I know how to make a product that will make them more stable. It'll just require your 4 legged friend to actually have a forelock.

Oh look! Actual nice face!

And now for the good pictures. Remember, backwards order lol

Generally photogenic as a sixteen year old.

A very prehensile snozz

Ugh, that back half of her mane never grows anymore

I also took some photos of the flowers I got to stick in her mane and forelock

I've been converted to be a mare person. She's the best mare

All in all she was an excellent sport about the balloons. It was super windy and they were moving all over the place.

And to tend this photo dump, the balloons are affixed to her stall for extra desensitization as a birthday gift to the entire barn. 

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  1. omg adorable haha -- she looks so pretty with her flowers and flowing mane! happy bday and gotcha day!

    slightly unrelated, re: blogger's photo loading --- it seems like when you start a new post, it defaults to a "paragraph" style setting, and for whatever reason, the photos load backwards in that setting. if you hit backspace a couple times in the body of a new post, you'll see the setting automatically change back to "normal" (and i suspect using backspace to do this might clear out some pre programmed formatting? idk), and the photos load in order by name (img 1; img 2; ...; img n, etc). at least this has worked for me!