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BlogHop: 2020 Summary Covid Edition

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I've fallen off the blogging bandwagon lately, or at the very least, it's been determined to be a bouncy ball. My therapist describes it like you're juggling a ton of balls and sometimes you have to let some drop so try and let the ones drop that will bounce, not shatter. I've been dropping a lot of balls lately. 

What's the best thing that happened to you in 2020?

I took Gwyn on some epic camping trips that have resulted in some of my favorite moments and memories from galloping on a misty beach in my wedding dress to riding on the tops of mountains it's been an epic adventure on horseback.


I got one of the best jobs I've ever had. It's by far the best paying job I've ever had and it's been fulfilling in ways I never expected. It's also the greatest source of my stress lately.

A Big Girl scientist

What's the worst thing that happened to you in 2020?


Probably having Gwyn go lame in late summer and have the first vet not bother investigating past "let her rest". It took months of her remaining not quite right before I got a second opinion and I regret not getting the second opinion sooner. 


These are pet related, though thankfully not Gwyn related. My beloved fat cat, Velociraptor, got out over Memorial Day weekend and went missing, never to be seen again. He left a giant gaping hole in mine and my kids hearts.  I still expect to see him around the house despite him never getting the chance to move with us. We later lost a pet bunny my friend had given us to look after to a hawk. It was a terrible year for pets for us.

This is the last picture I took of him, May 18, RIP you beautiful boy. And enjoy this video of him as a kitten, and how he got his name

Also, fuck, I'm crying now. This song was in the spotify rotation when I started writing this section.

What was your biggest purchase in 2020?

If we're talking physical things, then it was my super matchy holo set for Gwyn. No regrets on that front, lol. Second place would be the brand new Scoot Boots in all purple accessories. If we're talking non-physical purchases then it would be the vet exam and stifle injections, which were also an investment I would make again. 


This is kind of a gimme in the personal end of things. Houses tend to dwarf most other purchases. Especially in high COL areas, which is where we live. But I am thrilled to have ended 2020 not renting, especially in that tiny ass house we started the year in. It was claustrophobic through the first bits of quarantine.

A house! 

What was your biggest accomplishment in 2020?


Completing a cross country derby without getting disqualified in the dressage phase! The last time we tried to do one I got DQ'd for leaving the dressage court twice involuntarily, lol.

Photo by Cortney Drake, used with purchase


I've really established myself as a subject matter expert at work and I'm now consulted by other departments when they need someone from my department as a consult on team investigations. It feels good to have my experience and knowledge be acknowledged and appreciated.

What do you feel COVID robbed you of in 2020?


I wanted to really get working on fitness for Endurance rides. I had lots of ride plans and all Endurance rides I could get to were cancelled (for good reason). I was hoping to complete a 50 mile ride by the end of 2020. But those plans were made prior to me getting my job, and I'm not sure they would have been achievable without COVID thrown in the mix. There were a lot of things I was planning on for this year that were going to be stepping stones for 2021 and 2022 that I'm on the verge of releasing and changing goals.


I had a fairly regular workout and lesson schedule at the beginning of the year that got thrown to the wind with the pandemic. I started working more and I'm only just now finding my footing in establishing boundaries about that. But probably the most is family time with extended family like my parents. I haven't seen them in person in over a year now because I'm not an absolute fuckwad selfish person. 

Were you subject to any COVID Impulse Buys in 2020?


 Oh boy. Probably that holo tack set. Cortney sent me that via messenger and it was my birthday. How could I resist? 

I bought so many dice sets, you guys. SO MANY.  Not to mention all the Wyrmwood Gaming kickstarters I backed. I'll be getting some gorgeous wooden dice soon. And eventually I'll have a sweet ass gaming table probably in time for most of my social circle to be comfortable with in person gatherings again (2022, lol). I make myself feel better about it all because none of it was from giant nameless corporation and most dice sets were handmade from small makers. 

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