Monday, January 6, 2020

Taylor Mountain 2.0

Since we had flown in the day before, the whole family was still on major east coast time zone vibes and we were up at 6. So I had my procrastinators/last minute inspiration surge to start working on my  waterproof riding skirt.

Spoilers, I didn't get it done, also I apparently didn't buy enough fabric either AND i need to make other modifications since my waist measurements cause issues with this particular pattern and method. YAY FATTIES. 

Anyway, I came up with a basic solution and now just need to add some final details on prototype 2 for my riding skirt. I'm excited.
 Despite all of that, I still left the house early to get everything hooked up before heading down to Taylor to meet Cortney and company. It was raining fairly heavily as I drove down and we were all gritting our teeth and making sure we were as waterproofed as possible. It rained throughout tacking up.
I think I've finally dialed in the scoot boot fit! 
 And as soon as our butts were in the saddle, the rain disappeared. Much to our pleasure. It turned out to be wonderful riding weather and we were all stripping layers as the ride continued.

Cortney and baby Reign, who finally found her 'go' button

Robin joined us, as well as a mutual K who rode Splendid

We were waiting for another rider to cross the creek since this was the widest spot and we had a huge group. He, apparently, is a fearful rider and just wanted us to go by him. 

After 10 days with the in laws, I needed this, rain and all
 We stuck to a walk and trot. Robin's gelding is coming back from an injury and only just got approval for trotting and hills so we walked all the downhills so he wouldn't reinjure himself. But when we were trotting, it was a great conditioning pace!

Cortney had to move a gate. Shhhh, don't tell.

Look! Shadows! The sun came out!

 We even got blue sky. What a reward when we were all expecting to be soaking all day.

 Gwyn got very sweaty on this ride and her face got very very itchy. She kept trying to rub her face on everyone, much to the displeasure of the horses around her, as you can see Reign telling her off. In the future I need a whip, crop or spurs AND I need to clip her face, I think.

Robin got off and walked the last mile in.

And Cortney's husband met us as he had borrowed Cortney's truck and was exchanging their other car with her so she could get home.

Scoot Boot success! My last time on the trails saw one of the boots twisting frequently enough that I just pulled it off in frustration. The rep I've been working with recommended adding a shim, which I did DIY'd by sticking a piece of EVA foam onto Gwyn's hoof before she even left her stall (so her hooves were dry)

That seems to have done the trick! These boots stuck on through mud, water and a big power trot. I'm pretty pleased! Enough so that I went ahead and ordered another pair as well as extra straps because these suckers need to have purple accents.

Sweaty mare at the end
My big takeaways are that I need some kind of encouragement, even if it's Gwyn being mindful because it's in my hand, I need it. She was a bit of a brat, and would try and surge ahead  of the group only to immediately put on the brakes. Theories thrown out were that she's in heat. So she got relegated to being in the back due to that behavior.

She's fitter than I think, and LDs should be easily achievable if I keep up with riding regularly and getting out on the trail.

We've got hoof protection dialed in and that's good given how some of the trails are out here for competition (protection is almost always required)

Otherwise, it was a great day with friends, meeting new friends, and getting rewarded for our perseverance by weather that was NOT in the weather report.

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