Sunday, September 1, 2019

Canter Departs

After the success of the prize ride the collective three of us determined that coming to Bridle Trails for the lesson would actually be a decent meeting point. It's the least driving for Jim, which Cortney and I both don't mind facilitating. It's not too bad for Cortney and it's super short for me. Plus the footing is a lot better than at Fall City. 

 We worked in the dressage arena, again continuing my focus on maintaining a good connection with Gwyn and bend. Coordinating myself to keep the horse together is still a struggle for me, but I'm getting better each time. It's going to take a while to teach my muscle this new memory for riding. I'll get there. I've got a litany of reminders in my head:

thumb over the whip
bend elbows, lift weights
close fingers
contact on the mouth
let her stretch and maintain contact 'wringing' the reins
inside leg
indirect rein of opposition
control the shoulders
core to control the pace
Tail swish attitude
 Gwyn and I worked on our canter departs and keeping them quiet  and drama free. This is is the first organized cantering (I don't really count trail riding) since her bodywork. Jim is seeing a need for strength so we've been 'prescribed' climbing Taylor Mountain, which coincidentally, will also help with other plans I have for the end of September.

We managed to have loads of quiet canter departs without a rushing trot, but then I was apparently slowing her TOO far down and she didn't have enough march to really push into the canter and slow canter is HARD yo and I was not coordinated enough to prestidigitate (Jim's favorite word for the evening) and let her move forward to maintain the canter more than a few strides.

But honestly, even this is progress if you look at the quality we were getting instead of a flat, out of balance running start. I'll take it if it means I get a good canter out of this mare in the end that's rateable and stays in dressage courts.

She was tired.

Reign is Not Having the get hosed off at a place that's not home. Silly 4 year old.

And then I continue out of saddle fitness ventures today!

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