Monday, September 17, 2018

WEG Day 2 - Cross Country Dress Rehearsal, Eventing Dressage and Grand Prix Team

The beautiful views

Car "glamping"

This was our dry run for Saturday. All of the cross country volunteers, vets, and personnel gathered and manned their battle stations. We had our supplies distributed (paperwork, radios, flags, whistles, watches) and they sent 'horses' through. 

Distributing supplies at our Sector Command Tent
Each 'horse' was actually a golf cart who drove past us with their horse number displayed. We radio'd in as though they had jumped it (Rider 2 clear 13, direct route), dutifully filled out the forms for penalties and dutifully described the route they took on the little course diagram we were given for each 'rider'. My job that day, and on Saturday, was drawing the route the rider took.
Panorama of Jump 13ab
We also had scenarios to run through to test our reaction and how to respond to things like refusals, injuries of horse or rider, or spectators going where they shouldn't go. Our fence got the spectators in the wrong spot and spotting of blood. Everything went pretty smoothly all said and we were released for the day. More competitors were walking the course that day.
In the Volunteer Hospitality Tent
I took the shuttle to TIEC again and watched eventing dressage and then Grand Prix. This time I brought my good camera.

Mark Todd looking giant

Spooks for Cathal Daniels from Rioghan Rua

Anna Freskgard and Box Qutie

The view of Grand Prix Dressage day 1 from the volunteer hospitality tent, not bad!

Isabell Werth

Medal Ceremony for team Grand Prix dressage

Dressage horses hanging out while their riders got medals and fancy Longines watches.


  1. That is neat that they did a rehearsal like that.

    1. I think it's at least an FEI thing, if not a C*** thing. People mentioned that it was really needed in Rio because nearly every jump judge hadn't done it before O.O Which is nuts to me. It also identifies any holes or equipment malfunctions before the actual event.

  2. the idea of a dress rehearsal has literally never occurred to me before, but it sounds great! i'm also surprised that each combination had so many judges. makes total sense tho!

    1. I think they really wanted to have every angle covered, quite literally. And the more complex combinations had iPads recording every rider going through so those were all volunteer positions as well.