Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Kaylee is riding!

She's ridden twice so far this month, both per her own request, which is awesome. I've got her participating in the Distance Derby with a goal of riding 6 miles this year. I figured that was a decent goal, as broken down it only means 1/2 mile a month. So far in January she's ahead of the game! I debated doing 12 miles, but for goal reaching I thought it'd be cool to definitely have something achievable. If we do our hikes this summer where I babywear Hazel and Kaylee rides Gwyn, then we'll definitely get some mileage in, but just farting around the pasture is small change. It just so happens to add up!

On her first ride, Kaylee got 0.25 miles in on Jan 3. We dressed Gwyn up festively!


  1. Haha they both look adorable! Good girl Gwyn :)

    1. Gwyn is very awesome when Kaylee is around!