Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Video Blog 1 October 1 2015

I've decided to start keeping video track of the groundwork that I do with Gwyn. I'm hoping it will be a good video reminder of where we came from for comparisons.

In this session I started with just basic groundwork principles and getting Gwyn to focus on me even though her buddies were away and somewhat out of sight. She was not happy at first, but eventually I started to be the focus and that's what I was aiming for! So I saw progress. This is a good opportunity for me to address holes in her training and work on them from the ground.


  1. I think video blogging is a great idea and interested in seeing more (: Love the picture too, Gwyn is such a pretty girl!

    1. I've got a few more in the queue. I just need to edit the clips I've taken into one video and get it uploaded. And more pictures too, of course!

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