Wednesday, September 23, 2015

New Goals

My riding plans for the rest of this year and the first third of next year have been curtailed. Due to being on blood thinners now for the duration of my pregnancy, I am forbidden from riding Gwyn. This may or may  not work, I expect a bareback ride here or there on property, but my trail riding days are at an end until the baby arrives.

I don't want Gwyn to languish for the next 30 weeks, however, so I want to have a plan in place to work toward so I keep her engaged and keep her skills present and sharp. I see no reason why I can't ground drive her. The big danger is me falling and bleeding internally. If Gwyn is an idiot, I can release the lines and let her get over herself while I stay safe.

Things I want to work on through the winter with Gwyn:

  • Going on walks
    • I think I'm going to try handwalking her on the pollyann trail. That way we're still getting off property. 
  • Being tied on a high line
    • For camping purposes
  • Ground driving
    • Maybe this will work out some of our steer issues that we have, or at least allow continuous work
    • I've purchased driving lines and I already have a surcingle, so as soon as those arrive we can get started
  • Pulling small loads around
    • Earn her keep using the arena drag, dragging pastures too
    • Obvious snow fun on skis or sleds (for the following winter.... >.>) 
    • work up to driving training
  • Tricks - Useful or Fun
    • lay down 
    • smile 
    • bow
    • line up with a mounting block
    • pick things up
    • ground tie
    • pick feet up with a point
    • lower head on cue
    • Painting

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