Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Washington Trail Riders Distance Derby

This is Gwyn. This particular blog will be chronicling all the details of our riding sessions and participation in the Distance Derby. The link to that can be found here,

Gwyn is an 8 year old Stonewall Sporthorse. She is half friesian, quarter percheron and quarter appaloosa and 100% spunk.  Her nickname is the Goober Pony.  I bought her from my friend Cheri in April 2011 and shipped her out to Washington State from Florida. I have known Gwyn since she was a yearling and have had the pleasure of doing a lot of the training of her, especially with the initial groundwork.

We have a great bond, one that I treasure and I look forward to documenting all the miles we ride for the distance derby. I'm also hoping that, like with NaNoWriMo, having a bit of competition will encourage me to get into the saddle more!

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