Monday, March 6, 2023

WWDS Scrubbed But It's Okay

Well, the World's Worst Dressage Show got postponed for very legitimate concerns. Many of the competitors were going to be traveling over mountain passes to attend and the show organizers opted to postpone to the end of April so that they and their ponies could travel safely. 

I was honestly, relieved. I've been GO GO GO all of February and while that was okay and I could manage, having a weekend to finally breathe and spend time with family was what my body needed. 

I was able to go consign some of my unneeded horse stuff at the 4H Tack Sale at the Fairgrounds on Friday which I've been meaning to do for YEARS. Discovered a family of mice had nested in some baby blankets as a result, so those are now trash. Gross. 

Had my regularly scheduled riding lesson Saturday morning. Had a minor breakthrough in discovering that I really look too far to the inside of my circles and it's making it hard for Gwyn to be straight. If I adjust how I look, suddenly she can become straighter easier. Amazing how that works, sometimes.

We worked a lot on straightness, even in bend on a 20m circle since Gwyn offers the illusion of bend by turning her neck but not really engaging from her hind. I was really starting to get the feel of the whole horse and putting all the aids together. I need to keep more contact in the outside rein, which will help keep her nose more to the center of her chest (not pulled to her chest, just aligned). This helps my inside leg aid be more effective in asking her to step under herself (with whip tapping to enforce the ask) while controlling the shoulder with outside leg and rein. 
At least I look good. Gwyn decided on mare ears

We had SO MANY good moments. I'm still in Feel, Think, React, which makes my "React" too late, but I'm getting better about reacting on instinct and correcting AS Chriss points out that Gwyn is crooked. So I'm feeling faster when her body gets misaligned and not needing to think the mechanics through for what my response should be. When I started I didn't have the feel AT ALL so yay! Or sometimes even know what I needed to do.  

I like to say that Chriss's lessons are super simple but also super tough. I have basic skills to be competent on a horse, but this is giving me finesse and I love it. 

We all went to the tack sale after lessons and I found some good deals on the few things I was looking for. I only got one item that wasn't on my list, so I'm proud of that one. And you'll see why I couldn't resist it.
On Sunday, the sun came out and I needed to pick up the items that didn't sell. Hazel wanted to go play with Riley and Kaylee opted to come too to ride Gwyn. She also helped me groom and I'm always struck by how good of a kids horse Gwyn is on the ground. She is so careful around them and is starting to be a good under saddle kids horse (with heavy supervision). 

My splurge purchase from the tack sale. It's hand embroidered with peacocks. 
I was shocked that this was available and for the price I snagged it. It's an equipedic endurance pad which retails new for $270+. It was listed at $100. I was hoping to find a saddle pad that was shimmable so I could get spinal clearance for use with my TCS. But then there's a brand I've been considering buying new anyway! Instant yes. 
I need to remember to bring stirrups and leathers for Kaylee so I can just switch them out. Mine don't go short enough for her. Check out good girl Gwyn. After Kaylee, I hopped on to practice what I'd worked on in my lesson. 
We enjoyed the sunshine while the kids played. 
And we enjoyed the view of the snow capped mountains on the way home across the river valley.

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