Monday, August 24, 2020

Lame, then not?

 I was supposed to have a dressage lesson with Trainer E last wednesday but as I started warming up, one of the boarders went "Is Gwyn lame?"

I trotted a little bit more, and yep, things felt weird. I hopped off, had the boarder hop on and video'd so I could see what was going on and sure enough, Gwyn was just... wonky... in her hind end. There was definite uneveness but she also was perky and sassy and nothing was out of character.

There was no heat in either hoof or leg, but I think it's her SI again. Dressage lesson got cancelled. I lunged her to get more video just in case.

I went back out on Sunday, letting her have a few days to chill.  A vet was already coming out to the barn so I snagged an appointment on that farm call. I'm thinking I'll also get a chiro out, or take her to Pilchuck for an appointment and maybe ask for a round of adequan and look into muscle or joint support. Argh.

Sunday, I pulled her out of the pasture and lunged immediately to see where she was and I got a fire breathing dragon...

She's a sassy asshole who then ripped the line from my hands and required some free lunging to be reminded that I decide when she gets to move faster or stop her feet from moving. I had bought some foam pads for the both of us to stand on for stabilization and I brought them with me to see what would happen. I know there are horse specific versions but I'm cheap so I just got two pads from amazon meant for humans and tossed a towel on top. 

I think she liked standing on them and was swaying gently back and forth. I lunged her again, this time in long lines and she was stretching nicely, she seemed to have more even footfalls but I definitely noticed that she doesn't track under evenly at the walk and I can't remember which side is which. So one leg would plant down in front of the front hoof print while the other hind would land ON the front hoof print. I switched directions to see if it was the bend of a circle that was causing it and still found a similar pattern (i.e. it wasn't due to a leg being on the inside). 

I did ride on Sunday but kept it short and simple. We worked on a lot of lateral bending and asking those hinds to step under her body and walked across ground poles at angles. 

E suggested DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and I think that could be a possibility and the timeline does match up. So if you have any feed through suggestions I could add to her supplements, I welcome advice. Right now she's on Cal-Trace Plus and some garlic. She also gets timothy pellets and timothy hay. That's it. 

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  1. Ugh yeah with muscle stuff I'm not sure other than time and massage. Fingers crossed that's all it is.