Monday, May 11, 2020

Happy Birthday Gwyn!/Happy Early Gotcha Day

I've got a ton of posts brewing that are waiting on video editing because go pro and I just haven't had time to sit down and pick out neat clips and put them together in a relevant way.

But I did a quick photo-shoot with Gwyn on Sunday so I could have some perfect birthday photos.

Happy 14 years old Gwyn! And her original arrival date in Washington, when she became mine is May 12. This time of year is ripe with anniversaries of arrivals!

I'm so pleased with her right now. Even if I don't ever compete at high levels with her, she's become such a solid citizen. She's a horse that loves to be out on the trails, is game to hop on the trailer and see where we go, and will work hard and give me everything I ask for in the ring. We have our moments, all horses do, but I can't imagine being here with a horse other than her right now.

She climbs mountains for me and I would move them for her.

And because I am extra, I ordered a rose gold sparkly birthday sash (it comes with a bejeweled safety pin!) and matching tiara for her birthday pictures.

Waaait wait wait, we can't pose in front of trailers when there's beautifuil forest to use as a backdrop!

And of course, a very happy princess eating her alfalfa soup after a climbing intensive 13 miles in our unseasonal heat.

She is beauty, she is grace, she has alfalfa mash on her face

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