Saturday, February 22, 2020

WEG Day 4: CROSS COUNTRY HO!!!! (and some homeward bound travel)

And here it is!

This has taken forever to get up, mainly because of photo editing and me waffling on whether I want to include every single rider who passed my fence and that would be... quite a lot.

So here's some of them, with names/countries/horses if I could make out their rider number. For the riders I had the most name recognition on (realizing that I did not have an order of go in front of me) and awareness that they were next, usually thanks to spectators, I tried to get video. That's going to be a different post, I think, as video editing for me takes a LONG time and just focus while on the computer and I don't have that presently.

And actually, this has been sitting in drafts for a year and a half now... Have the pictures I managed to get through and edit. Maybe I'll finish this one day...

Rider 403 - Germany - Kai Ruder on Colani Sunrise

Rider 404 - USA - William Coleman on Tight Lines

Rider 405 - GBR - Gemma Tattersall on Arctic Soul

Rider 406 - AUS - Andrew Hoy on Vassily de Lassos

Rider 410 - ITA - Pietro Roman on Barraduff

Rider 412 - JPN - Kazuma Tomoto on Tacoma d'Horset

Rider 413 - NED - Alice Naber-Lozeman on ACSI Harry Belafonte

Rider 414 - SWE - Niklas Lindback on Focus Filiocus 

She was the only rider of the day who took the long route through my fence
Rider 415 - SUI - Patrizia Attinger on Hilton P

Rider 415 

Rider 416 - RSA - Victoria Scott on Valtho des Peupliers

Rider 417 - NOR - Heidi Bratlie Larsen on Euforian

Rider 418 - MEX - Daniela Moguel on Cecelia

Rider 419 - CHN - Alex Hua Tian on Ballytiglea Vivendi

Rider 420 - ECU - Ronald Zabala Goetschel on Wundermaske

Rider 422 - ESP - Maria Pinedo Sendagorta on Carriem van Colen Z

This is the rider whose sister I sat with on my first day! She finished 55th in the individual competition for eventing.

Rider 423 - GER - Julia Krajewski on Chipmunk FRH

Rider 425 - GBR - Piggy French on Quarrycrest Echo

Rider 426 - BEL - Joris Vanspringel on Imperial van de Holtakkers

Who looks like he's napping in this picture, lol

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