Friday, June 30, 2017

Initial thoughts: New Tack

So after selling some of my old tack, I finally got myself a biothane set from Two Horse tack  (so many of the blogs I follow really liked theirs... it sold me)  I got purple, because it's me. I ordered a warmblood size in everything and sent measurements in for good measure.

Also a note, I was not asked to give this review. I paid for everything, nothing was received in expectation of a review.

I got the Quick Change Halter Bridle because I liked the versatility of it. I can ride with the included halter or use a rope halter (of which I'm learning how to make) or just use the halter as a weather proof turnout halter. I like the material. It's substantial and feels durable. It's not slippery and has some grip to it. The buckles are all quite nice and you can adjust it easily. My one complaint is that despite ordering a warmblood size there I am at the very last hole on the halter. It fits her nose just fine, but it barely goes around her jowl. I could go up another hole but it would be tighter than I prefer a halter fit to be.

Additionally, when I adjust the browband snap and halter the snap on browband fits right with the buckle of the halter.  Maybe I should have gone with custom to get a bit more wiggle room there, I dunno. I am pleased over all and it's just a minor thing that I incorrectly assumed would work with the sizing. If it continues to bother me I'll probably take advantage of their alterations and have them put a new, longer piece on it.

There is plenty of adjustability in the length and in that sense, this bridle fits beautifully. The bridle by itself is right in the middle when adjusted to her head. I have room to adjust it up if I use a hackamore, or down if I use a different bit than the baucher. I did provide those measurements and boy did they deliver. So based on that, I highly recommend just picking the custom option and working with them to get the perfect fit.

Halter is on the second hole in this picture and a tad tighter than I prefer.

I also ordered an english breast collar because this tack set will be primarily used for endurance and trail riding and having places to clip things and keep a saddle in place is handy. In this case, warmblood size was HUGE!!!!!!  LOL  Guess Gwyn has a big noggin. I also ordered a girth loop because my girth does not have a d ring to put a clip.  In order to make this fit with the girth loop I'm going to need to punch a bunch of holes, but even so, the center piece was incredibly long. I added scissor snaps to the ends that attach to the saddle but they were not included so I'll be contacting them for that. Not a big deal, but I did check my order and it was listed as an option I picked. Either way, I need to fiddle with the fit a bit more before I'm satisfied completely. 

The white stitching looks awesome.

How the bridle unsnaps from the halter.

No scissor clips :( 

And to top it all off, I got matching reins! I upgraded to the scissor snaps, 10 ft length and black rubber grip. I like the weight and length of them, especially for trail riding. I might order a second girth loop to act as a rein keeper for when she's drinking or eating on the trail so I don't lose my reins. 

Kaylee points out that with how the tree is positioned behind me, it looks like I have a crown! She is incredibly observant.  Also, check out that mare-face. LOL 


  1. Holy Hell! I am in LOVE with your horse!! Seriously, I think he's the most beautiful thing I've seen, like, ever. Okay, I'll stop gushing now. But he IS beautiful! :-)

    1. Thank you! I used to be a bay girl myself, but I've been converted to a spots girl! :D