Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A ride the other day, like in March

1 mile of ride! Woot

Testing out my tail lights.  I'm gonna want to make a strap that will go from saddle to the neoprene wrap for security. I've got plenty of paracord to braid something useful.

Selfie shadow

I lunged and then hopped on for a toodle around the arena to see where Gwyn's head was. My plan for today was ambitious and I did not need a horse that wasn't paying attention underneath me. As you can see, she was absolutely wild. Totally unmanageable.

So I hopped off, and lugged my mounting block (a step ladder) out of the pasture and got back on her. Gwyn was curious to say the least. Saffron was displeased we were leaving her behind.

I wanted to see how she'd do by the road, since some of the riding I want to do is across the street and potentially a bit of it will be along the road after riding the polly ann trail. Gwyn did not like the cars. It's a pretty fast road with minimal shoulder, so I'm not surprised. I have an alternative plan for the polly ann trail plan, but I think crossing the road should be achievable.

Happy me! The weather was glorious.

We rode in the drainage ditch along the front of our property and back down the driveway and around the house.

Through the backyard, leaving hoofprints in the wet ground.

And then up the driveway to the neighbor's house and into the fields behind them!  These are lots that are owned by people for houses but they can't get electricity or water back here so they can't build yet. I have permission from one owner so far and I'm still trying to get a hold of the other owners. Barring that, I'm just going to stick to the field edges. 

It'll be a nice perimeter to ride and get long slow distance done on.

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