Monday, January 2, 2017

2016 Review, Goals for 2017

Teach Gwyn one trick! TBD  Gwyn learned to stand back and wait for food at dinner time! Useful!
Avoid going into labor during Distance Derby dinner  Check!
Introduce new baby to Gwyn Super check! Though we barely got this done in April. Much adorableness was captured
At least sit on Gwyn Check!
Alt goal- teach second trick to Gwyn/teach to highline in prep for camping Check! We got the highline down!
First post partum trail ride!  I don't think I got a trail ride in until July or August. Babies are needy.
Ride once a week HAHAHAHAHAHAH
Endurance ride at Kensington, novice 15 mile  Check!!  I made a further goal of maintaining a 6 mph pace and achieved that!
Ride twice a week Let's just assume that the 'ride x per week' weren't achieved.
Ride three times a week
Go to a hunter pace or local dressage show  I'm marking this as completed because I went to both a hunter pace AND the hunter trials but everything was in October.
LD endurance ride at silver Creek Check! Turtled the 30 mile and had a blast!
Polly Ann trail fall ride I ended up opting for the hunter pace instead of this event since they were on the same weekend and I ended up having to work that day.
Ride three times a week
Ride on new year's Eve Achieved!  I got 1.17 miles around the pasture with Gwyn
Teach third trick to Gwyn 

I'm overall pleased with the goals that I set versus what I achieved. I knew the year would be a challenge because of a new baby. And riding really did drop off toward the end but to that I blame more my new job. It's a balancing act being at the job and then also making time for both my kids who want to be with me, and riding is time away from them. Even Kaylee has expressed that she misses spending time with just me. So I'd pass up potential riding time in order to be a mom first and foremost.  That being said, here are my 2017 goals, with my job taken into account: I might make monthly ones later, but we'll get there when we get there.

2017 Goals

Attend 3 Limited Distance rides (Brighton in April, Metropark Express in August and Oak Leaf Run in October)
1 Hunter Pace
School cross country at least once
Trailer to or have a trainer come to the house for at least one lesson
In months where I don't have an event, trail ride at least once a month. 
Get permission from landowners to ride on farm field perimeters

So Belated Merry Christmas, Happy Yule, and Happy New Year, so long 2016, don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.
Lights in the barn so my imagination doesn't go into overdrive when I open the door in the dark.

Saffron has a new sheet for resisting the elements, especially since we get some incredible wind.

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