Sunday, October 9, 2016

Metamora Hunt Hunter Trials

Alas, I didn't run my GPS so this day won't count for Distance Derby mileage. It was still a great day! I entered into two classes, a trail flat class where you follow a course but don't jump and then a baby jump course.  It had some of the permanent obstacles you see in the photos and also some itty bitty stadium jumps next to larger obstacles. Everything here was built to mimic what would be found out while hunting. 

Gwyn did pretty well. She doesn't like to turn left, which I'm beginning to suspect is due in part to the damage to her eye prior to the snakebite. I think we can work on it, but until then, turning left, especially at speeds faster than a walk, are an issue.  Thankfully I was here to have fun so taking wide right turns to then approach a jump with a hard left approach was fine to me.  And Gwyn was super brave over the fences. She only ran out on one (from a left bend) and circled around and went over after that. I think she prefers the solid fences to the pole ones. Those she can just push through.

I also tried to hold off on this post because there was a photographer there that day. They haven't been posted yet!!!  So I'm posting this now and I'll do a follow up with the pro shots of me actually riding.
It was a beautiful day. 

Kaylee also entered in a class! Her first horse show!  We dressed Gwyn up as a unicorn and really made an impression. Again, no photos since Eric was on Hazel duty but I'm waiting on that photographer.

You can see the baby red jump next to a larger log.

There were only course maps posted here. Nothing to take.

Eric forgot Kaylee's riding shoes, so he ran home to get them while I took over kid duty.

Hazel passed out.

The following were taken by Kaylee.

Back to me

I jumped this one!

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